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An educational company made an AMAZING Bad Romance parody-- it is suffrage/Alice Paul themed, and I'm posting it everywhere.

Alice Paul is one of my heroes. I watched Iron Jawed Angels when I was in high school, and I later wrote my AP History term paper on her role in the suffrage movement. Most people  aren't familiar with her, so I'm excited to see her (and the still un-ratified Equal Rights Amendment) get some more exposure!

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IT HAS LE PURPLE. It is fantastic:

I might be able to keep it a secret from my mom before I see her FRIDAY night.


Oct. 20th, 2010 12:52 pm
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Because I enjoy things other than chemistry, I took last night off from studying to see Thievery Corporation and Massive Attack in downtown Boston! Those groups really know how to put on a show! We were really close to the stage, so my eardrums suffered a bit, but it was worth it! Thievery Corp is fantastic and energetic on stage! The shows were so different that it was a little weird they performed together. It took half an hour to take down the Thievery Corp stage and set up Massive Attack. The Massive Attack used a lot of LED-style lighting with headlines and numbers; it was very political. I got really distracted watching the shiny lights. I guess that was part of the point though, right?

Anyway, group selection is happening in a week and a half. I'm 99% sure I'm going to get my first choice. I talked to Liz about it yesterday and our conversation went like this:
Me: I really want to join your group!
Liz: Oh, good.
Me: Do you want me to join your group? Is that okay?
Liz: (smiling) Oh yeah, it's fine.
YAY. I feel really optimistic about this. I like the projects in her lab, Liz is new (and really involved in her lab), and I feel comfortable asking her questions.

I just need to finish up this rotation, move on to my third (crystallography of metalloproteins! For a change..) and I'll be able to start doing real PhD research! That's scary to think about.
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Regarding the most recent episode of Glee:

Me: Everyone had lines! Even Harry Shum Jr had lines!
Amy: Who is Harry Shum Jr?

Every time I try to quit glee, they reel me back in with a good episode.


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